Ballinger Canyon

Los Padres National Park, Deer Park

Ballinger and Deer Park areas in the Los Padres National Forest are geared toward OHV use. There are 4WD roads, ATV trails, and motorcycle trails. Restrooms and Camping are available.

Barker Meadow OHV Trail

Tahoe National Forest

Barker Meadow OHV Trail in the Tahoe National Forest features a 1.7 mile loop through heavy forest and meadows. ATVs, Motorcycles, and some 4 x 4 vehicles are permitted. Off-road travel is not permitted due to the environmentally sensitive nature of the area.
In winter months, be certain to check to ensure roads are not closed due to snow.

Bear Valley Loop

Tahoe National Forest

Bear Valley Loop in the Tahoe National Forest is an 18 mile OHV route. Prosser Hill, Prosser Pit, and Billy Hill are accessible, as well as dirt roads off of the main loop. Camping and RV hookups are available.

Big Bear Lake

San Bernardino National Forest, Arrastre Creek, Big Pine Flat, Cactus Flats, Carbine Flat, Coxey, Grapevine Canyon, Holcomb Valley, Rattlesnake Canyon, Smarts Ranch, Tip Top Mountain, White Mountain, Wright Mine

Big Bear Lake Recreation Area in the San Bernardino National Forest offers many miles of OHV road and trail riding. Roads and trails vary in difficulty. Camping is available.

Billy Hill OHV Route

Billy Hill OHV Route is a small area offering approximately 3.5 miles of trail open to a variety of 4 wheel drive vehicles. This small trail system also includes Prosser Pit and Prosser Hill and is accessible to the Bear Valley Loop, an 18 mile loop which stages from the Bear Valley Campground.

Black Springs OHV Network

Stanislaus National Forest, Calaveras Ranger District, Crandall, Deer Creek

Black Springs OHV Network, also known as the Crandall and Deer Creek OHV Area, is the main OHV area on the Calaveras Ranger District. There are over 100 miles of connecting roads and trails open to various types of 4 wheel drive vehicles, including ATVs

Carnegie SVRA

Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area offers 1,300 acres of riding area. There is a variety of terrain inlcuding dry rocky washes, rolling hills, and steep rugged canyons. There is a Motocross track, ATV/MC track, a 70cc track and a 110cc beginner track. Camping is available.

Chappie-Shasta OHV Area

The Chappie-Shasta OHV Area offers over 200 miles of roads and trails on approximately 52,000 acres. Elevation ranges from 600 to 5,000 feet. The southeastern portions offer rocky and challenging terraine while the more remote northwestern portions offer scenic views. Camping is available.

Cleghorn OHV Trail

San Bernardino National Forest

Cleghorn Ridge OHV Trail in the San Bernardino National Forest is a 15.2 mile road open to all OHV vehicles. It is rated as "easiest"

Corral Canyon OHV Area

Cleveland National Forest

Corral Canyon OHV Trails in the Cleveland National Forest offers over 51 miles of multiuse trails and roads open to OHVs. Difficulty ranges from novice to advanced. Camping is available.

Crandall Peak and Deer Creek OHV Area

Stanislaus National Forest

Crandall / Deer Creek OHV Area is a popular motorcycle riding area. ATV trails are limited, however riding is allowed on the 140 miles of road.

Crossroads OHV Area

Crossroads OHV area is on the California side of the Colorado River. This is a 1,500 acre open area. Riding is permitted in the sand washes and trails throughout the bajada. Paved parking, restrooms, loading ramp, and camping are available.

Dove Springs

Jawbone ACEC

Dove Springs Off-Highway Vehicle Area, located in Jawbone ACEC, offers 5,000 acres of open-use public land. Riding in the Dove Springs bowl is open, as well as hundreds of miles of trail riding. The entire OHV area and surrounding public lands are open to primitive camping.

Dry Valley OHV Area

Dry Valley OHV area is a vast area of multiuse trails and roads. Designated roads and trails are signed as motorcycle, ATV, and 4WD use. Terrain varies including flat, sandy, high desert sagebrush and steep lava rock canyons. Most trails are difficult motorcycle trails. Two trailheads offer graveled parking and loading ramps.

Dumont Dunes

The Dumont Dunes OHV Area is an open area bordered by steep volcanic hills and the slow running Amargosa River. Elevation of the dunes vary from 700 feet at the river to 1,200 feet at the top of the tallest dune. The Dumont "Little" Dunes is a favorite for families with smaller children. The small low dune field is connected to the main Dumont dune field by a corridor. The main dune field consists of steep dunes and is better for experienced riders. The back side of the dunes around the race track is excellent for intermediate riders.

El Mirage Dry Lake OHV Area

El Mirage Dry Lake Area is a large open area located in the Mojave Desert consisting of a hard pan dry lakebed. This extensive riding area consists of salt flats, dry lake beds, and some trails. This area is multi-use and is used by ultra-light and other aircraft. Local OHV clubs often stage runs and races. Primitive camping is permitted.

Elkins Flat

Eldorado National Forest, Elkins Flat, Packsaddle Pass, Plum Creek, Silver Fork, Rubicon 4WD, Barrett Lake Jeep Trail, Bryan Springs, Granite Springs Road, Ice House, Peavine Ridge, Weber Mill Road, Wrights Lake, Rock Creek, Bear River, Blue Lakes

Elkins Flat in the Eldorado National Forest offers 69 miles of two-way multi-use trail and road and connects to the Gold Note system. Seasonal closures and closures due to conditions are common, be sure to check the website to see which roads and trails are open.

Explore! Sierra

Explore! Sierra is a 1,500 acre private ranch with 30 miles of ATV trails. Two or Three hour guided tours can be booked, as well as additional activities such as trap shooting and barbecues.

Fort Sage OHV Area

Fort Sage OHV Area has designated 90 miles of multiuse trail within 22,000 acres of public land recreation area for ATV use. The routes traverse a wide variety of terrain including flat, sandy, high desert sagebrush country and rocky, steep canyons and gulches.

Frank Raines OHV Park

Frank Raines OHV Park is an 800 acre recreational area. There are areas suitable for beginners, but the park is in the hills and the terrain is very steep and treacherous. There is a mud bog. Camping is available.

Gold Note Trails

Gold Rush, Hard Rock, Red Gold, PiPi Grade, Elkins Gold

Gold Note Trails in the Eldorado National Forest offers 30 miles of multiuse trails and roads. This system connects with the Elkins Flat OHV Trail System. Disbursed and campground camping are available.

Goodmill OHV Area

Sequoia National Forest, Millwood Staging Area

Goodmill OHV route is an intermediate route with a creek crossing and intermediate hill climbs. The Old Shay Rail Road is an advanced route for motorcycles and ATVs only.

Heber Dunes SVRA

Heber Dunes State Vehicular Recreation offers 343 acres with winding trails through sand dunes, large "fine sand" sand dunes, and dry lake beds with hard packed clay. There are narrower trails with limited visibility.

High Dome Trail

Six Rivers National Forest

High Dome Trail is a 4 mile trail which climbs to a scenic overlook atop High Dome Mountain with a view of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding peaks. Camping is available near the trailhead.

Hollister Hills SVRA

Hollister Hills SVRA consists of two areas: the Upper Ranch and the Lower Ranch. The Upper Ranch is an 800 acres area with about 24 miles of multiuse trails used for 4 wheel drive vehicles and OHVs. There is also a fenced motocross track. The Lower Ranch is a 3,300 area area for motorcycle and ATV use only. It consists of 128 miles of trails and several tracks for various uses. Camping is available.

Hull Creek and Trout Creek OHV Area

Stanislaus National Forest

The Hull and Trout Creek area offers 20 miles of marked trails and 100 miles of roads open to OHV use. Camping is available.

Humbug OHV Area

Klamath National Forest, Happy Camp Ranger District, Knoll Ranger District

The Humbug OHV Area offers 14 miles of trails, a youth riding area, and 5 acres of open riding terrain. There is a parking area, picnic tables, and a loading ramp. Humbug connects to the Happy Camp/Oak Knoll Ranger District which offers 695 miles of road open to OHV use. Camping is available.

Hungry Valley SVRA

Hungry Valley SVRA is the second largest OHV area in California. There are approximately 130 miles of marked multiuse trails with varying trail conditions and ratings difficulty. There are also 150 miles of National Forest off-road routes available.

Imperial Sand Dunes

Mammoth Wash

Imperial Sand Dunes is an extensive multiuse area offering over 118,000 acres open for OHV use. Be certain to stay within permitted areas. The dune system consists of three areas. Mammoth Wash, the northernmost area, allows OHV use.

Jawbone Canyon

Jawbone Canyon offers 7,000 acres of open-use public land. Within the canyon you may ride without restriction. Outside the canyon riding is restricted to marked trails, however there is an extensive trail system. Camping is available and there are ATV rentals nearby.

Knoxville Recreation Area

Knoxville Recreation Area offers two-way multiuse trails on 17,700 acres. Parking and restrooms are available.

La Grange OHV Park

La Grange OHV Park offers trails, hill climbs, and a MotoCross track on 126 acres. There is also an under 80cc training area. Restrooms and camping are available.

Lake Arrowhead

San Bernardino National Forest, Lake Silverwood, Crestline, Running Springs, Green Valley Lake, Keller Peak Recreational

Lake Arrowhead Green Valley Lake Recreation Area in the San Bernardino National Forest offers an extensive system for OHV road riding and OHV trail riding. There are seeral staging areas and multiple campgrounds.

Lark Canyon OHV Area

Lark Canyon OHV Area offers trails designed specifically for motorcycles. Trails are limited to vehicles less than 40" wide. Camping is available.

Leviathan Recreation Area

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Leviathan Recreation Area offers about fifteen miles of road with some small side trails. There is an abandoned sulphur mine which is off limits. Roads are easy with plenty of scenic views.

Littlerock OHV Area

Littlerock OHV Trail in the Angeles National Forest is a small trail less than a mile in length beginning and ending on Littlerock Road.

Los Padres National Forest

Buckhorn Road, Cameusa Road, Divide Peak Road

Los Padres National Forest offers approximately 40 miles of road open to OHVs. Divide Peak Road offers views of the Santa Barbara coastline, Upper Santa Ynez Valley, and San Rafael Mountains. Camping is available.

Lubbs Trail

Lubbs Trail in the Six Rivers National Forest is an old jeep road, now used primarily as an OHV route. Difficulty is rated as moderate. The road is 3.1 miles long with an elevation ranging from 2,800 to 4,800.

Lytle Creek

Lytle Creek, Cucamonga Canyon, Cajon Pass, City Creek, Sheep Mountain Wilderness, Baldy Pass, Cleghorn Ridge, Desert Front, Elliot Ranch

Lytle Creek in the San Bernardino National Forest offers miles of connecting OHV Roads with two staging areas. Restrooms and camping are available.

Mad River

Barry Creek Trail, Dan East Trail, Skull Camp Trail, Devils Backbone Trail, Hayfork Trail

Mad River Ranger District in the Six Rivers National Forest offers approximately 16 miles of OHV trails. These trails were travel routes and livestock runs during the pioneer days.

Mammoth Bar OHV

Mammoth Bar OHV Area is part of the Auburn State Recreation Area. There are one and two-way trails, a Motocross track, and trails designated as Pacific International Trails.

Miami Creek OHV Area

Bald Mountain, Bear Diversion, Brewer, Coyote Lake, Dusy/Ershim, Hooper, Mirror Lake, Onion Springs, Red Lake, Spanish Lake, Strawberry Lake, Swamp Lake, West Lake

Miami Creek OHV Area consists of an extensive network of marked trails and forest roads. Very near to Yosemite, there are multiple campgrounds and staging areas.

Mount Pinos

Ballinger Canyon, Deer Park

Mt. Pinos Ranger District in the Los Padres National Forest offers over 200 miles of sysbem trails and roads through beautiful scenery and challenging terrain. Trails range in difficulty from novice to advanced. Camping is available.

Niagra OHV Area

Niagara OHV Campground in the Stanislaus National Forest is a 10 spot primitive campground situated in a mixed confier forest. Riding on the local Forest Routes is extensive.

Oceano Dunes SVRA

Oceana Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area is located on the Pacific Ocean, offering beach and dune riding. There plenty of open riding area. Restrooms, camping, and RV facilities are available.

Ocotillo Wells SVRA

Blow Sand Hill, Devil's Slide, Barrel Springs, Shell Reef, Gas Domes, Pumpkin Patch

cotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area offers more than 85,000 acres of desert open for off-highway recreation. There is also access to large tracts of BLM land open to OHVs. There is a large variety of terrain and interesting riding challenges. Restrooms, token showers,and camping are available. RVs are permitted, but there are no filling or dumping facilities.


Nordhoff Ridge, Potrero Seco

Ojai in the Los Padres National Forest is comprised of Nordhoff Ridge and Potrero Seco. Nordhoff Ridge is a four wheel drive and street legal motorcycle road. Potrero Seco is currently closed inefinitely due to winter storm damage.

Plaster City

Plaster City OHV Open Area provides ample opportunity to test individual driving skill over a variety of terrain. There are two staging areas. Primitive camping is available.

Poleta OHV Area

Poleta OHV Area provides a wide variety of riding opportunities for ATV, motorcycles, mini cycles, dune buggies, jeeps, and SUVs. There is beginner, intermediate, and advanced technical single track trails and 4 wheel driving routes. Vehicles may be operated anywhere within the posted boundaries.

Pozo La Panza OHV Area

Santa Lucia, Howards Bypass Trail, Powerline Trail, Benchmark,, Quail, Garcia Ridge, Las Chiches Cut Off, Queen Bee, Las Chiches, Pine Mountain, Mare Springs, Burnout, cGinnis Creek, Navajo Bypass, Tower Trail, La Canada Trail, La Panza-Bypass

The Pozo La Panza area is located on the north side of the District. This 18,867 acrea area has approximately 44.5 miles of routes that vary from sandy washes to a ridgeline route including a section known as the Stair Steps. It has a 300 foot drop off within a few feet of the steps.

Prairie City SVRA

Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area offers a variety of interesting terrain and trails for motorcyles, ATVs and 4WD vehicles. There are flat, open grasslands, rolling hills, and acres of cobbled mine trails.

Prosser Pits

Prosser Pit, in the Tahoe National Forest, an open riding area linked to the Prosser Hill trails and accessible to Billy Hill, as well as the Bear Valley Loop which is an approximate 18 mile loop staging from the Bear Valley Campground. The system ranges from easy to difficult.

Rasor OHV Area

Rasor Off Highway Vehicle Area is a remote area offering rolling hills, open valleys, and sand dunes. The historic Mojave Road runs through the riding area. This area is very remote and rescue services are not available. There are deep mine shafts in the area. Stay within the riding area. Camping is allowed anywhere in the area.

Rock Front OHV Area

Santa Lucia, Logan Ridge, Shaw Ridge, Los Machos, Paradise, Branch Creek, Big Rocks, Twin Rocks

The Rock Front OHV Area in the Los Padres National Forest is located in the center of the Ranger District. This 15,328 acre area provides 41 miles of 4x4 trail that varys from rock covered canyons to ridgeline trails with outtanding vistas of the Cuyama Valley.

Samoa Sand Dunes

Samoa Dunes Recreation Area is a 300 acre park. There are 140 acres of open terrain, numerous trails, and a beach strand. An additional 75 acre riding area, the Eureka Dune is open to OHV use and extends about 1 mile north of the park. A staging area with loading ramp, restroom, tables, and a scenic overlook are avalaible.

San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area

San Gabriel Canyon Off Highway Vehicle Area in the Angeles National Forest offers over 160 acres of rocky, sandy river bottom open to 2, 3, and 4 wheeled OHVs. The OHV obstacle course areas is open weekends.

San Jacinto

Idyllwild, Pine Cove, Garner Valey, San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, Bee Canyon, East Indian Creek, Indian Canyon, Indian Mountain, Juan Diego Flat, Mellor Ranch, Red Mountain, Allesandro Trail, Hixon Trail

San Jacinto Santa Rosa Mountains Recreation Area in the San Bernardino National Forest offers miles of OHV roads and trails.

Santa Barbara

Buckhorn Road, Camuesa Road, Divide Peak Road

Santa Barbara Ranger District in the Los Padres National Forest offers approximately 35 miles of OHV roads.

South Cow Mountain

South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area offers over 120 miles of vehicle trails on 23,000 acres open to motorcycles, ATVs and 4WD vehicles. There are two staging areas and developed campgrounds available.

South Shore

Foresthill OHV Area in Tahoe National Forest has approximately 100 miles of trail. Difficulty ranges from easy to moderate, with some small difficult areas. Trails are two-way wooded trails. Camping is available.

Spangler Hills OHV Area

Spangler Hills Off Highway Vehicle Area offers over 57,000 acres of open riding. There are cross country open areas, trail riding, advanced technical routes, 4WD trails and Enduro trails. There are three staging areas.

Stoddard Valley OHV Area

Stoddard Valley Off Highway Vehicle Area offers 53,000 acres of open riding area. The broad expanse of the central valley are for novice riders. Areas west of the X entrance is good for intermediate riders. There are deep mine shafts in the riding area. Camping is permitted anywhere in the area.


Stonyford Recreation Area in the Mendocino National Forest is a designated 40 mile route across the south end of the Forest. Riding is permitted only on the route. Riding off of the route is strictly prohibited. The Stonyford route connects to over 200 miles of OHV trails. Staging areas exist, and OHV campgrounds are connected to the trail system.

Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain OHV Open Area offers 13,000 acres of open OHV riding. Terrain varies from sand dunes to mud hills. Limited use areas and military practice bombing targets are immediately adjacent to the open area.

West Shore

Big Boulder, Craycroft Ridge, Downie River, Fir Cap, Lafayette Ridge, Lavezzola Creek, Pauley Creek, Plumbago, Poker Flat, Red Oak, Sunnyside Meadow, Tennessee Ravine Trail

West Shore of Lake Tahoe has approximately 44 miles of trails. Trails are rated as difficult. The Rubicon Trail is one of the most popular OHV routes in the country. Many recreational activities are available in the area. Camping is available.

Wildomar OHV Area

Wildomar OHV Area in the Cleveland National Forest offers 4 miles of trails on 360 acres. A campground is located 1/2 mile from trailhead parking.

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