Baumgartner Trails

Sawtooth National Forest

The Iron Mountain Trail, accessible from Baumgartner Campground, is a 9.3 mile road providing access to Iron Mountain Lookout. Motorized travel is heavy. The highlight of the trail is the scenic view from the Forest Service Lookout on Iron Mountain.

Cascade Ranger District

Boise National Forest, Dollar Creek Way Trail, East Mountain Way Trail, Gold Fork North Trail, Needles Route Trail, Wilson Creek Trail

The Cascade Ranger District in the Boise National Forest is over 400,000 acres offering many recreational activities. There is an extensive trail system for OHV riding including 11 separate developed campgrounds.

Challis-Yankee Fork Ranger District

Salmon-Challis National Forest, Basin-Valley Creek Area, Bayhorse-Squaw Creek Area, Challis Area, East Fork Area, Pahsimeroi Area, Upper Salmon River Road Access, Yankee Fork Drainage

The Challis-Yankee Fork Ranger District has five distinct areas of multiuse trails, many of which are open to ATV use, with others accommodating only motorcycles. Camping and fishing are available.

Claypeak Recreation Area

Clay Peak recreation area offers 200 acres of riding for ATV and motorcycle use. The 2 miles of trails utilizes the best of natural terrain with added doubles, multiple tabletops and challenging sweepers.

Coeur dAlene River Area

Idaho Panhandle National Forests, Canfield Mountain Single Track Trail System, Couer d'Alene River Area Trails, 4th of July Trail 800, 803 Motorized Trail, Steamboat Area, Windy Ridge to Horse Haven ATV Trail 802

The Coeur dAlene River Area Trails is an extensive system of multi use trails including a network of dedicated ATV trails and roads.

Danskin Mountains OHV Area

Danskin Mountain OHG Area Trail offers over 150 miles of OHV and ATV trails on 60,000 acres in a mountainous high desert setting. Trails range from Easiest to Most Difficult.

Elk Valley

Bear Lake Valley

Elk Valley in the Bear Lake Valley region has hundreds of miles of ATV trails. These are long linear trails through mountainous terrain.

Emmett Ranger District

Airline Trail, Alley Trail, Bear Wallow Trail, Bull Creek Trail, Joes Creek Trail, Long Fork Silver Creek, Bitter Creek Trail, Middle Fork Payette River Trail, One Spoon Trail, Onion Valley Trail, Peace Creek Trail, Rattlesnake Trail, Silver Creek Summit

Emmet Ranger District in the Boise National Forest offers over 150 miles of trails on 350,000 acres of National Forest. Rental cabins and camping are available.

Idaho Falls Raceway

Idaho Falls Raceway is a 3/8 mile dirt track, open seasonally. Memberships and day passes are available.

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park offers 1,350 acres of open space including over 350 acres of trails, a shooting range, and a 40 acre OHV training area.

Kirkham Ridge

Kirkham Ridge Trail in the Boise National Forest offers 35 miles of multiuse trail. Trail is rated as most difficult.

Little Gem Cycle Park

Little Gem Cycle Park offers 2,000 acres of riding area. The terrain is varried with hills, ridges, and sandy areas. There are jumps, trails, hill climbs and a Motocross area.

Logan Peak

Bear Lake Valley

Logan Peak in the Bear Lake Valley region has hundreds of miles of ATV trails. These are long linear trails through mountainous terrain.

Lost River Ranger District

Badger Creek Mine Trail, Bartlett Creek Trail, Bedy canyon Trail, Black Canyon Trail, Cedar Run Trail, Foss Mountain Trail, Golden Lake Cutoff Trail, Horsethief Trail, Jumpoff Canyon Trail

Lost River Ranger District in the Salmon-Challis National Forest offers miles of multiuse trails open to OHV use. Camping is available.

Lowman Ranger District

Bitter Creek Trail, Blue Jay Trail, Deadwood Ridge Trail, Gates Creek Trail, Habit Creek Trail, Jackson Peak Trail, Julie Creek Trail, Kirkham Ridge Trail, Link Trail, Ten Mile Ridge Trail

Lowman Ranger District in the Boise National Forest offers an extensive network of OHV trail riding. There are several campgrounds including one group site.

Middle Fork Ranger District

Cape Horn Area, Cape Horn Lakes Trail KnappCreek Cutoff Trail, Swamp Creek Trail, Winnemucca Creek Trail, Beaver Trail Creek Trail, East Mayfield-Yankee Fork Trail

Middle Fork Ranger District in the Salmon-Challis National Forest offers several miles of OHV trail in mountainous terrain. Camping is available.

Nez-Perce Clearwater

Highway 14 Corridor, Lolo Trail Corridor, North Fork of the Clearwater Corridor, Palouse Corridor, Salmon River Highway 95 Corridor, Bald Mountain Lookout, Centennial Trail, Milner Trail

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests has an impressive and extensive network of OHV roads, trails, and campgrounds. There are many trailheads and campgrounds.

North Fork Ranger District

Salmon-Challis National Forest, Badger Spring Rail, Ax Park Cutoff Trail, Henderson Ridge Trail, Divide Nrt Trail, East Indian Peak Trail, Freeman Creek Trail, Indian Peak Summit Trail

North Ranger District in the Salmon-Challis National Forest offers approximately 45 miles of OHV trails open to motorcycles and ATVs.

Pend Orielle Lake River Area

Idaho Panhandle National Forests, Green Monarchs Trail, Martin Creek Trail, Strong Creek Trail, Talache-Blacktail Trail

Pend Oreille Lake Area in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest Offers a few miles of OHV trail with several staging areas.

Pocatello ORV Area

Pocatello Field Office Offers about 40 miles of OHV trail at the Chinese Peak-Blackrock Trail System. There are multiple developed campgrounds.

Priest Lake Area

Idaho Panhandle National Forest, John Wayne Trail, Lakeview Mountain Trail, Peewee Trail, Quartz View Trail, Reeder Bay Trail, Steep Creek Trail

Priest Lake Area in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest is a series of interconnected loops. Some loops gain elevations that view the Priest and Pend Orielle River Valleys. Some sections are located on the old road bed while others are steep and rocky.

Ridge to Rivers Trail System

8th Street Motorcycle Trail, Fat-Tire Traverse Trail

Ridge to Rivers Trail System consists of two trails that are open to motorized use. Both trails are considered expert level due to steep grades and exposure.

Sagehen ATV Trail

Sage Hen and KYAOTT ATV Trail Systems can be accessed near the reservoir, offering more than 35 miles of trails for off-road vehicles and motorcycles. Trails are multi-use. Camping is available.

Saint Anthony Sand Dunes

Saint Anthony Sand Dunes offers OHV riding and camping on 10,000 acres of dunes rising to 400 feet. Parking, restrooms, RV facilities, concessions water stations, and picnic sites are available.

Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District

Beagle Creek Trail, Big Hat Creek Trail, Blackrock Trail, Bob Moore Trail, Daly Creek Trail, Deep Creek Ridge Trail, Hornet Creek Trail, Lee-up Trail, Little Moose Creek Trail, Mckim Trail

Salmon-Challis Ranger district offers approximately 60 miles of multiuse trail open to OHV use.