Alcona ORV Trails

Alcona ORV Trail is a 30 mile system of linear trail on county roads connecting with the 100 mile Bull Gap Trail. Trails are two-way hardback trails, generally wooded, running through mostly flat to slightly hilly terrain.

Ambrose Lake Trail

Ambrose Lake Trail offers 7 miles of ATV trail connecting to the MCCCT. Also connects with Rose City Trail and Ogemaw Hills Trail Other recreational opportunities include fishing, hiking, and camping, with direct access to the trails.

Ambrose Lake to Ogemaw Hills Trail

Ambrose Lake to Rose City Trail is a five mile linear trail connecting to the Ogemaw Hills Trail. Camping is available in the Ambrose Lake Campground.

Ambrose Lake to Rose City Trail

Ambrose Lake to Rose City Trails offers 5 miles of ATV trail connecting to the MCCCT. Also connects with Ambrose Lake Trail and Ogemaw Hills Trail. Other recreational opportunities include fishing, hiking, and camping, with direct access to the trails.

Atlanta Trail & Route

The Atlanta Route consists of over 120 miles of linear trails connecting to the Red Bridge trail system. Trails run through Montmorency & Presque Isle Counties. Camping is available at the Tomahawk Creek Flooding Campground.

Atlanta to Hunt Creek MCCCT

Atlanta to Hunt Creek MCCCT is a 22 mile linear trail in Montmorency County. Camping is available at the Jackson Lake Campground in Mackinaw State Forest.

Baraga Plains ATV Trail

Baraga Plains ATV Trail is a 28 mile two-way loop, located on state land. Terrain is flat and sandy, the trail can be narrow in places.

Bay City Lake Trail

Bay City Lake Trail is a small 9 mile looping trail two-way trail on state forest land.

Bergland to Sidnaw Route

The Bergland to Sidnaw Route is a 48 mile connector trail between the Pioneer Trail and the Ottawa East Connector. There are several fuel stations on the route.

Big Bear Trail

Big Bear Trail, part of the MCCT network, is a 14.1 mile two way ORV trail connecting to the Crapo Creek ORV Trail. Terrain is generally sandy and flat, with areas of rock. Camping and water activities are available at Big Bear Lake and Big Bear Point campgrounds.

Big O Motorcycle Trail

Big O Motorcycle Trail is also open for ATV use. This extensive 86 mile trail winds in one large loop through several counties and also connects to the 41 mile Little O Trail.

Bill Nicholls Route

Bill Nicholls Route is a 38 mile ATV route, connecting with the 12 mile Freda Grate Route. Part of Bill Nicholls runs through Twin Lakes State Park. Camping is available at Emily Lake Campground.

Black Lake Trail & Route

Black Lake Trail is a 45 mile ATV Trail. Black Lake Route is a 20 mile multi-use route. Camping is available at Black Lake Campground and Black Lake Trail Campground.

Bull Gap Trail

Located in the Huron-Manistee National Forest, Bull Gap Trail is an extensive ATV trail system in Oscoda & Ogemaw Counties. This system spans two counties with at least eight trailheads,

Bummers Roost Trail

Bummers Roost ATV Trail, located in the Black Lake State Forest, offers miles of riding on variable terrain. Camping is available at the Black Lake Trail Campground.

Bundy Hill Offroad Park

Bundy Hill Offroad is a converted mining area. Trails range from beginner to extreme. Trails, sand, rock crawling, gravel hills, mud pits are all available. Also, there are monthly night tours. Check the website for the availability of ATV rentals.

Cedar Creek Trail

The Cedar Creek Trail in Muskegon County is a 24 mile looping trail.

Cranberry Lake Trail

Cranberry lake trail is an 8 mile, two way ATV trail on state land.

Crapo Creek Trail

Crapo Creek Trail is a 26 mile looping trail on state forest land.

Danaher Plains Trail

Danaher Plains Trail is a 30 mile looping OHV trail located on state forest land. Camping is available.

Denton Creek Trail & Route

Denton Creek Trail and Route offers approximately 75 miles of riding. Terrain and difficulty vary.

Devils Lake Route

Devils Lake Route is a 9 mile looping trail. One side of the loop runs along Devils Lake.

Drummond Island Trail and Route

The Drummond Island Trail is 44 miles of looping trail of varying difficulty, connecting to the Drummond Island Route, which offers 46 miles of riding from the connector out to Lake Huron.

Felch Grade Route

Felch Grade Route is a 38 mile ATV route between Felch an Ten Mile Creek.

Forest Island Trail & Route

Forest Islands Trail & Route consists of 29 miles of ATV trail located in Wells State Park.

Freda Grade Route

Freda Grade Route is a 12 mile OHV route. The trail is a two-way linear route. This trail intersects with the Bill Nicholls Trail.

Frederic Trail & Route

Frederick Trail is a 41 mile trail system on state forest land which connects to the Kalkaska to Frederic connector to the north and the Frederic Connector Route to the east. Several campgrounds are available.

Geels Trail

Feels Trail is a 53 mile trail system with several long looping sections.

Geels to Roscommon Route

Geels to Roscommon Route is a 10 mile ATV connector route, connecting with the 53 mile long Geels Trail system.

Gladwin Trail & Route

The Gladwin Route is a 3 mile ATV Route. The Gladwin Trail is an MCCCT Trail, 23 miles in length. There is also a Sramble Area at the south end of the trail.

Hancock-Calumet Route

Hancock-Calumet Route is a 14 mile OHV route running between Calumet Lake and Portage Lake.

Huron Trail & Huron-Sand Lake Spur

The Huron Trail is a 46 mile trail intersecting the Huron Sand Lake Spur which is an additional 9 miles running from the trail to Island Lake.

Indian Gardens ORV Route

Indian Gardens ORV Route is a 37 mile two-way looping trail running mainly along established roads.

Indian River ATV Trail

Indian River ATV Trail offers over 65 miles of trails. Many trails accommodate side by sides, and are considered to be wide and easy. There are trail connectors to trails in other counties, as well as to bordering scramble areas. Downtown Indian River is an ATV friendly area which allows you to ride direct to shops and restaurants.

Iron River-Marenisco Route

The Iron River - Marenisco Route is a 67 mile ATV route. Trails are linear with two-way traffic.

Kalkaska Trail & Route

Kalkaska Trail and Route offers hundreds of miles of ATV and motorcycle trails. There are multiple staging and parking areas. Camping is available.

Keweenaw Trail

Keweenaw Trail offers 54 miles of OHV route restricted to ATVs and side by sides. Motorcycles and dirt bikes are prohibited.

Kinross Motorcycle Trail

Kinross Motorcycle Trail is a 30 mile motorcycle comprised of three main loops. This trail is open only to motorcycles.

Leetsville Trail

Leetsville Trail offers 35 miles of ORV route and motorcycle trail. The 10 mile section of motorcycle only trail connects to the extensive Kalkaska system.

Leetsville to Kalkaska MCCCT

Leetsville to Kalkaska route is a 10 mile stretch of motorcycle only trail connecting the Leetsvile Trail and Kalkaska Route.

Leota Trail

Leota Trail offers 56 miles of ORV trail in multiple loops with a number of side trails.

Lincoln Hills Motorcycle Trail & Route

Lincoln Hills Motorcycle Trail and Route offers 23 miles of OHV route and 25 miles of motorcycle trail. Both the ORV route and motorcycle trail connect with the Little Manistee Route and motorcycle trails. Camping is available.

Little Manistee Motorcycle Trail & Route

Little Manistee Motorcycle Trail and Route offers 46 miles of OHV trail and 47 miles of motorcycle trail. The OHV trail connects with Little O Motorsport Trail to the south and Lincoln Hills Route to the North. The motorcycle trail connects with the Little Manistee Motorcycle Trail and has direct access to the Carrieville Campground.

Little O Trail

Little O Trail is a 41 mile OHV trail connecting with Little Manistee Trail to the north and Big O Motorcycle Trail to the south.

M-30 North Gladwin MCCCT

M-30 North Gladwin trails offer a combined 35 miles of motorcycle and dirt bike trail connecting to the St. Helen trail and route to the north.

M-55 to 20 Road MCCCT

M-55 to 20 and M-55 to State road combine to 36 miles of trail open to motorcycles and dirt bikes.

MCCCT Trail to US-131

MCCCT to US-131 is a connector road between Grand Traverse County motorcycle trail and US-131 to North Missaukee ATV trail. The upper portion is open to motorcycles with the lower portion open to ATVs. The central point of the trail is the old US-131 Campground.

Marquette-Manistique Trail & Route

Marquette-Manistique Trail and Route offer over 80 miles of OHV trail and route.

Meadows Trail

Meadows Trail is a 91 mile ATV route and parallel motorcycle route running through the Huron-Manistee National Forest. The route begins at the Parmalee Bridge Campground and connects to Mio to Meadows MCCCT.

Meadows Trail-Rose City Trail Connector

Meadows Trail-Rose City Trail Connector is a 2 mile long ATV accessible connector route between Rose City Trail and the Meadows Trail.

Mio Trail & Route

Mio Trail is a 25 mile looping ATV trail. It connects with Hunt Creek Motorcycle Trail to the north and Mio to Meadows connector to the south.

Mio to Meadows MCCCT

Mio to Meadows MCCCT is a 10 mile motorcycle trail connecting Mio trail to the north and the Meadows Trail to the south. The trail begins at Parmalee Bridge Campground.

Missaukee Junction Trail

Missaukee Junction Trail is an 18 mile looping ATV trail.

Moss Lake Trail

Hiawatha National Forest

Moss Lake Trail in the Hiawatha National Forest offers over 2,000 miles of forest road open for motorized use.

Mounds ORV Area

Mounds Off Road Vehicle Area offers hare scramble trails, gravel play pits, and mud holes. ATVs and all types of offroad vehicles are welcome, however trucks are prohibited.

North Branch Route

North Branch Route is a 30 mile ORV route. The route begins at Chain-O-Lakes and connects with Crapo Creek Trail.

North Missaukee & MCCCT

North Missaukee MCCCT is a 7 mile motorcycle connector route connecting North Massaukee Route and West Higgins Trail.

Norway Trail

Norway Trail is a 27 mile ATV trail. The trail has one linear stretch with two large loops.

Ogemaw Hills Trail & Route

Ogemaw Hills Trail and Route is an 18 mile ATV accessible route which connects to Ambrose Lake to Ogemaw Hills Trail.

Ogemaw Sport and Trail Center

Ogemaw Sport and Trail Center is a Motocross Campground offering family oriented Motorross tracks and private ATV trails. There is an advanced track, an intermediated track, and an expanded kids track. There are also more than 120 acres of trails ranging from wide two track to tight single track. Camping is available.

Old State House Trail & Route

Old State House Route and Trail offer over 30 miles of looping ATV trail. This route connects with Huron Trail to the south.

Ottawa East Connector

Ottawa East Connector is a 79 mile ORV route. This route connects with Bill Nicholls Route to the north and Bergland to Sidnaw Route to the south.

Pine Ridge Trail

Pine Ridge Trail is a 47 mile looping ATV route. There are several routes and several campgrounds with direct trail access.

Pioneer Trail

Pioneer Trail is a 23 mile ATV route. This route connects with Bergland to Sidnaw Route to the south.

Red Bridge Trail & Route

Red Bridge Trail and Route offers 35 miles of looping ATV trails. There are two large loops intersected with accessible roads. One portion of the loop runs along Black Lake.

Red Bridge to Atlanta MCCCT

Red Bridge to Atlanta MCCCT is a 30 mile motorcycle route. This route connects with Tomahawk to Red Bridge MCCCT to the north.

Republic-Champion Route

Republic-Champion Route is a 9 mile ATV route connecting the town of Champion to the Village of Republic.

Rose City Trail

Rose City Trail is a 19 mile looping trail intersecting to the Ambrose Lake to Rose City Trail.

Silver Creek Trail

Silver Creek Trail is a 31 mile looping trail. This trail is laid out in one large loop.

Silver Lake State Park ORV Area

Silver Lake State Park offers nearly 3,000 acres along the Lake Michigan shoreline. There are both dune areas and mature forest. There is a 450 acre open riding area. There are four miles of shoreline with a large sandy beach. Camping and restrooms are available. There are significant rules and restrictions including a voucher system for entry. Review the website for information.

St. Helen Trail & Route

St. Helen Trail is a 37 mile ATV trail. This accesses St. Helen Motorsport Area. There is also a fuel connector route. This system connects with Ogemaw Hills to St. Helen Trail to the north. Camping with direct trail access is available.

St. Helen to Geels Trail & MCCCT

St. Helen to Geels trail is a 15 mile connector route connecting Geels Trail to the north and St. Helen Motorsport area to the south.

Stateline Route

Stateline Route is a 50 mile looping ATV trail. This route intersects Bewabic State Park and connects with Iron River-Marensico Route.

Tin Cup Spring OHV Trails

Tin Cup Trail offers 21 miles of trail including sections of intermediate single track for dirt bikes and variable terraine trail for ATVs with many climbing hills. This system connects with the Little O Trail.

Tomahawk to Kalkaska MCCCT

Tomahawk to Kalkaska MCCCT offers 63 miles of motorcycle trail which connects with the 89 mile Tomahawk Motorcycle Trail B Loop and the 90 mile Tomahawk Motorcycle Trail C Loop. There is additional access to the Indian River Route which leads to the Tomahawk to Red Bridge MCCCT.

Tomahawk to Red Bridge MCCCT

Tomahawk to Red Bridge MCCCT is a 25 mile motorcycle trail connecting the Red Bridge to Atlanta MCCCT to the rest of the Tomahawk system.

Turtle Ridge ORV Park

Turtle Ridge ORV Park is a wildlife preserve located on Drummond Island on Lake Huron. The ORV trails are laid out on 400 acres of the Turtle Ridge boundaries. Trails are rated as challenging.

Two-Heart Trail

Two-Heart Trail is a 34 mile looping ATV trail comprised of two main loops along Lake Superior. There are four campgrounds with direct trail access.

US-131 to North Missaukee Trail

US-131 to North Missaukee Trail ATV trail from US-131 to the North Missaukee trail system.

West Higgins Trail

West Higgins Trail is a 41 mile looping ATV Trail. There are two main loops and connects with Beaver Creek MCCCT and north Missaukee MCCCT.