Alborn-Pengilly ATV Trail

Alborn-Pengilly Railroad Trail is a 39 mile trail following an abandoned railroad grade between Pengilly and Alborn on state land. Features include wooded bogs, upload forests, and railroad trestles. Terrain is flat with little variation and is ideal for beginners.

Appleton Area Recreation OHV Park

Appleton Area Recreational Park, an old grail mine, covers 330 acres including 20 miles of trails. Features include a motocross practice track. The City of Appleton is ATV friendly allowing travel on posted roads within city limits.

Chengwanta State Forest OHV Trails

Chengwantana State Forest Trails is a 15 mile system traveling through rolling terrain and forested uplands. Riding is rated for all experience levels. There are wide gentle curves and narrow sharp curves.

Elm Creek ATV Trail

Elm Creek Trail is located on 52 acres of private land. It offers five miles of trail and a practice area for beginners.

Fond du Lac State Forest

Fond du Lac State Forest offers 37 miles of trails on 64,000 acres of state forest. Some sections offer wide gentle curves, however the majority are narrow with tighter curves and corners. There are some more challenging loops, and a gravel pit practice area.

General CC Andrews State Forest

General CC Andrews State Forest Trails offers 24 miles of ATV trails. These are relatively level or gently rolling hills with smooth sandy soil. Trails are rated as easiest.

Iron Range Recreation Area

Big Aspen Recreation Area trail system offers 21 miles of trail traveling through a large pine and hardwood forest. Using both old logging roads and abandoned railroad grades, several scenic vistas make this a very popular ride.

Moose Walk and Moose Run ATV Trails

Moose Walk Trail offers 22 miles of trail rated easiest to more difficult. This family friendly trail connects with the Red Dot Trail for a hilly ride winding through stands of spruce and pine. There are shelters located along the trail.

Nemadji State Forest

Nemadji State Forest OHV Trail offers 100 miles of trail rated easiest to more difficult. The southern trails wind across gently rolling upland, moving to steep stream valleys in the northeast. There are tight, wooded, technical single track trails.

Snake Creek OHV Trails

Snake Creek Trail offers 13 miles of trail rated easiest to more difficult. This wooded trail climbs 300 feet along the Snake Creek Valley with scenic overlooks. Sections of the trail reach the bedrock and have challenging outcroppings and cobbles.

Solana State Forest

Solana Loop offers 15 miles of ATV trail rated from easiest to more difficult. This trail is a scenic 15 mile detour off the well traveled Soo Line South Trail passing through the beautiful Solana State Forest.

Soo Pits OHV Trails

Soo Pits Trail offers 5 miles of ATV trail rated as more difficult. This trail curves and twists through a landscape of northern hardwoods. There is a riding pit with piles of materials and steep rims.

Spider Lake OHV Area

Spider Lake Trails offers 29 miles of ATV trail rated from easiest to most difficult. Terrain range from sandy to rough and rocky. The trail curves around lakes and ponds, follows ridges, and traverses several hills and slopes.

St. Croix State Forest

St Croix State Fores Trails offers 26 miles of ATV trails rated as easiest. This trail is a scenic ride through heavily wooded forest, connecting to the Gandy Dancer Trail.

Thistledew ATV Trail

Thistledew Trail offers 25 miles of ATV trail rated as more difficult. The system consists of a north and south loop located within the George Washington State Forest, passing through rolling hills of mature pine and aspen forest.

Tower Multi Use Trail

Multi-Use Trail offers 2 miles of trail rated as easiest. This trail connects the City of Tower to the public beach and campground at McKinley.

Tri-County ATV Park

Tri-County Park offers 25 acres of open riding area with trails ranging from level stretches to hill climbs along the walls of a former gravel pit. There is a shelter and picnic area overlooking the park. There is also a safety training center.

Trout Valley Trails

Trout Valley Trails offers 9 miles of multiuse trail open to ATVs rated from easiest to more difficult. This trail climbs to the top of a steep, wooded ridge where two overlook offer great views of the surrounding valleys.




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