Big Boy Motorsports Park

Big Boy Motorsports Park offers sand drags, a mud bog, and ATV obstacle course, a rock crawl course a big ditch drive, and a Baja course.

Blue Mountain Recreaction Area

Lolo National Forest

Blue Mountain Recreation Area offers 4,900 acres of recreation area including 3.8 miles of ATV trails with an additional 14.5 miles of motorcycle trail. The trail is rated as difficult. Restrooms and loading ramp are available.

Camp Creek Recreation Area

Camp Creek Recreation Area, located in the Little Rockies, offers a system of multi-use trails available for OHV use. Camping is available with direct access to trails.

Chain of Lakes Trail

Bitterroot National Forest

Chain of Lakes Trail in the Bitterroot National Forest is 6.8 miles long and is open to ATV use. It is part of a large single track trail system: ATVs are prohibited on the other trails.

Douglas Hill OHV Area

Kootenai National Forest

Douglas Hill OHV Area in the Kootenai National Forest offers 9 miles of designated trails on 200 acres. Several of these trail loops run along the Koocanusa Reservoir. Restrooms and camping are available.

Fresno OHV Area

The Fresno OHV Area is an open riding area on 82 acres. This area is open to motorized wheeled vehicles and offers a variety of terrain and challenges. The boundary is signed.

Glacier View

Flathead National Forest

Cedar Flats Trails, located in the Flathead National Forest, offers 5 miles of trails open to ATVs. All trails start and end on road #5285.

Glasgow OHV Area

The Glasgow OHV Area is a 40 area recreation area. There are challenging climbs and jumps, as well as flat areas and gentle slopes for beginning riders.

Glendive Short Pine OHV Area

Glendive Short Pines Open OHV Area is a 2,800 acre recreation area. There are open areas for riding as well as OHV roads and trails.

Hungry Horse

Flathead National Forest, Garry Lookout Spur Trail, Alpine Trail, Columbia Mountain Loop Trail, Doris Creek Trail, Doris Ridge Trail, Lower South Fork Trail, Skyland Road G Trail

The Hungry Horse area is an extensive multiuse trail system. Portions of it are open to ATV use. It is best to plan your route after reviewing the motor vehicle use map, which you may purchase online or onsite.

Pipestone OHV Area

Pipestone Travel Management Area offers 75 miles of developed multiuse trails on 30,000 acres. Restrooms and loading ramps are available.

Shepherd Ah Nei Recreation Area

Shepherd Ah Nei Recreation Area offers 50 miles of trails on 1,062 acres. Restrooms are available.

Spotted Bear

Flathead National Forest

Spotted Bear Road in the Flathead National Forest offers some ATV accessible trails with several trailheads and one campground.

Swan Lake

Flathead National Forest, Blacktail Wild Bill ORV Trails, Estes Lake Trail, Peters Ridge Trail, South Fork Hemler Creek Trail, Strawberry Lake Trail, Sixmile Lookout Trail, Sixmile Sidehill Trail, Wire Trail

Swan Lake Road in the Flathead National Forest offers approximately 25 miles of trail open to ATVs, with an additional several miles of single track trails open only to dirt bikes.

Tally Lake

Flathead National Forest

Tally Lake Road in the Flathead National Forest offers 7 miles of trail above Ashley Lake open to ATVs.

Yellowstone Adventures

Yellowstone Adventures offers rental ATVs or Side by Sides and tours of the Gallatin and Targee National Forests. Tours last 3 to 6 hours.