New Mexico

Farmington Dunes OHV Area

Farmington Dunes OHV Area is an 800 acre recreational area. There are large sand dunes, steep and gentle hillsides, and sandy arroyo bottoms. There are both OHV roads and trails. Restrooms are available.

Gallup ATV Park

Gallup Off-Highway Vehicle Park offers 10 miles of ATV trail on 300 acres of city land. Additionally there is a 1.2 mile Motocross track.

Glade Run Recreation Area

Glad Run Recreation Area offers 19,000 acres of OHV area. In the northern area there are approximately 42 miles of marked trails. In the south area there is an open rock-crawling area.

Gordys Hill OHV Area

Gordys Hill, also known as Johnson Hill, offers riding for all experience levels. Terrain includes deeply dissected canyons, high sandstone bluffs, terraces, and escarpments.

Hackberry Lake OHV Area

Hackberry Lake OHV Use Area is a 55,000 acre open riding area. There is also a trail system consisting of approximately 90 miles of trail. Terrain is rolling stabilized dunes lands and cliffs. This area is open for intensive use of motorcycles, sand dune buggies, and OHVs. Camping is available.

Haystack Mountain OHV Area

Haystack Mountain OHV area offers 1,920 acres of trails. Trails range from novice to expert and terrain varies. In general the terrain is extremely rugged including deep gullies and difficult hill climbs.

Lake Mcclellan Recreation Area

Lake McClellan ATV Area offers 10 miles of multiuse trail open to ATVs. Trails are rated as easy to moderate. Restrooms and camping are available.

Mescalero Sand Dunes

Mescalero Sands OHV Area offers a 610 acre open riding area. The dune field is made up of quartz particles which changes to shape of the dunes constantly. Restrooms, camping, and RV hookups are available.

Montessa OHV Park

Montessa OHV park offers 577 acres of open riding area consisting of hill climbs, ATV trails, and washes. This is a day use area only.

Red River

Goose Lake, Old Red River Pass, 4th of July Canyon, Greenie Peak Trail System, Pioneer Canyon, Cabresto Canyon

Red River OHV trails is an extensive trail system open to all types of OHVs. Trails are rated from easy to expert. Guided tours and OHV rentals are available.

Robledo Mountains OHV Area

The Robledo Mountains Off-Highway Vehicle Trail System is a network of trails including both extreme OHV and mountain bike trails. The extreme OHV trails consist of enormous rocks requiring specialized equipment and expert riders. The mountain bike trails are not open to motorized vehicles.

Sandia Ranger District

Cibola National Forest

Sandia Ranger District offers 20 miles of multiuse trails open to ATVs. The trails are rated as easy to moderate. Restrooms, RV hookups, and camping are available.